Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coming Soon! Pendleton

Okay guys so I totally had an internal debate with myself as I was ordering Pendleton for Spring. I know we aren't in the Northwest, however much fashion trends try to convince me otherwise. I was all, "eh, plaid in the Spring?" And then I thought, haha. It's mutha-f-ing Pendleton.
I know also though that it stays chilly at night here through May and these Motor Robes and Roll-Ups are perfect for those chilly nights or just laying around in the park.
And can I say BEACH?
Oh yeah. If you are a top-most bad-ass you must have the Pendleton Spa Towels at the beach.
Also some things not pictured coming include, wallets for men and woman, make-up bags, pillows, and of course some really nice blankets.

And the history behind this company is enough to make you drop your entire paycheck.
Did you know that it is tradition for American Indians to receive Pendleton blankets when they are born and when they graduate? Called Robes because that is how they wear them, draped over their shoulders like robes.
And their coffins are also lined with Pendleton fabric.
Um, Pendleton
Coffin Linings?

Called steamer rugs during the early 20th century, these blankets were a warm, welcome companion for those who traveled by horse-drawn carriage, train or boat. Today our motor robes still feature the finest 100% pure virgin wool, softly napped in a variety of colorful plaids and authentic Scottish Tartans. And they’re still woven in our own Northwest mills. Ideal for crisp autumn football games, warm summer picnics, stowing in the car for unexpected adventures, or just curling up at home.
Our dynamic blanket pattern re-created in a super-sized towel for beach, poolside or hot tub – or an instantly luxurious bathroom. Thirsty cotton velour is an ideal canvas for our Native American-inspired designs. Sheared on one side for luxurious softness, looped on the other for superior absorption. 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported. 40" x 70".
Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine with our nylon-backed blanket. Our special roll-up design and carrying handle make it an adventure ready companion. Stash one in the trunk for anything from impromptu roadside picnics to beach parties. 100% pure virgin wool blanket/nylon back. Dry clean. Made in the USA. 60" x 70".