Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Antique Bone & Wood Toys & Boxes

Wooden Horse Noisemaker $15

I got this because I am from Kentucky and it is the perfect Derby party accessory. Everyone will be so jealous as you cheer for 2 minutes with this wood horse noisemaker. Trust me.

Wood Yo-Yo $5
Yo-Yo's date back to ancient Greece and were originally made of Terra Cotta. In the 1920's a Phillipino named Pedro Flores brought the Yo-Yo (meaning, "come, come") to the US.

Brass & Wood Wax Kit: $40
Great for invites and branding.

Farkle $18
3" HORN CUP WITH SIX WOODEN DICES The game "Farkle" was played with a horn cup and six dice. This set will come with instruction to play "Farkle"

Eagle Scrimshaw Bone Box: $40

The tiles are made from horn and placed in a period looking carrying wooden box. Dominoes is a classic game with many variations. The oldest known set of dominoes was found in Tutankhamens tomb and dated 1355 B.C., however they were probably invented by the Chinese. The first literature reference to dominoes in Europe was not until the mid-18th Century. They were played first in Italy and France and later in England and then the New World. Dominoes are frequently called bones, because the earliest dominoes were made from animal bone or ivory. Our bone domino set is a replica of a set from Colonial America.


Independence velvet lined bone box: $40