Monday, April 4, 2011

New from FSM!

Faux 4 Finger Duster: $100
(this is one of my Staff Picks this week)
So sleek.

Ammunition Ring: An Astali & FSM collaboration

A personal favorite, traditional Irish Claddaugh ring but totally amazing.
3 seperate rings come together--hands holding the heart.
Your heart is in my hands?
This ring has traditionally been given as a token of love or worn as wedding rings.
Love this version.

Wise Elephant Ring: $90

Flying Squirrel Skull Necklace & Ring: $90

Double Rose Duster: $100
Also on my list of things to own.
I really love dusters, and my middle name is rose--making me slightly partial to rose jewelry.

Lion Knife: $100

Revolver: $60