Monday, June 6, 2011

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Charlie Chaplin + Helen Keller

Wilson Pickett + Jimi Hendrix

Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington + Benny Goodman

Paul Newman + Robert Redford

Audrey Hepburn + Grace Kelly

Errol Flynn, Nora Eddington, Rita Hayworth + Orson Welles

Salvador Dali + Coco Chanel

Chevy Chase + John Belushi

Cary Grant + Amelia Earhart

Charles Bukowski + Mickey Rourke

Brigitte Bardot + Pablo Picasso

Audrey Hepburn + Fred Astaire

...and a million other awesome photos over at Awesome People Hanging Out. It was hard to narrow this post down to only 12 photographs. Aren't they so great and inspiring?