Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Old Papa

Does your Pa don a smoking jacket and a nice fine scotch?
Cigar Label Plates: $14

Very industrial and manly wine openers. For the classy Dad who has it all:

Is your Pa a man's man?
Awesome Rivington Jacket Lapel: $60

Nautical Coasters for the water and beer loving Dad: $18 (set of 4)

#1 Dad Ribbons: $24

.22 or 9mm bullet cufflinks: $74

Hide Cufflinks: $100

Does your Pa have lots of trinkets?
Scrim Bone Box: $40

Izola Canvas Shower Curtain Antique Sports: $55

Was your Dad a Boy Scout? Loving the outdoors?
Izola French Milled Soaps: $18

A whizz in the kitchen? Set of 3 numerology dishtowels: $32

Ben or George kinda man?
$24 each