Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newsreel: Old Hollywood: Time Out New York

"Groomsmen gifts that don’t suck

Thank your bros for standing by your side with these thoughtful—and useful!—presents."

By Cristina Velocci

TimeoutNEWYORK Magazine gave us some love in their Shopping + Style Story geared toward the boys, specifically groomsmen. But let's keep it real, this Pendleton Roll Up Blanket is for everyone. It's an equal opportunity park lovin', people pleasin', picnic basket holdin', beach sand blastin' blanket!

And just in case you aren't sold yet, one side is 100% wool and the other side is 100% nylon. Which means the nylon side does the hard work keeping the damp grass/sand/mud away while you can just look good and bask in all the suns glory on the classic Pendleton Print Wool.