Thursday, June 23, 2011

Things that won't last past the weekend...

Alright kiddos we got a fresh batch of the awesome "sold out in a week" Pendleton wallets!
Pendleton is pretty much tapped out on everything (I don't think they for-saw the hipster craze) so get it while you can!

We got:
Zipper Wallets: $28
Small Wallets: $28
Long Wallets: $45

This amazing circle skirt with a boned bodice from Greylin just arrived.
The wrap belt is new from Ponomo and the whole thing is complimented by Carolina Eires' macrame and Im:mortal's fringe bag.

Greylin Swing Dress: $148
Ponomo Leather Wrap Belt: $130
Carolina Macrame Necklace: $64

We already have quite the list of people waiting on these towels.
They are absolutely to die for. It's like spreading out a luxurious blanket on the beach. You should have seen me with mine next to Domestic Constructions little bath towels at the beach. It was sad I tell you. While Trish's head was in the sand I was chilling with books, beers, snacks and tons of room on mine! HA!

Oh, Yumi Kim!
As seen EVERYWHERE on the stars (we don't really care about that but it's great for Yumi) this line is some serious gorgeousness.
Silk prints that scream summertime for the rest of your life. Timeless clothes that are worth the price tag!

Leon Dress: $210
Audilou Pom Pom Feather Earrings: $40
Fada Dried Flower Vile: $40