Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Oak Leaves.

Back in June as I was trying to make my way around the Renegade Craft Fair in McCarren Park, Trish (@Domestic Construction) came up with her newest purchase. The tiniest little ceramic house. It was so cute I just had to venture over to their booth myself.
They have all kinds of miniature collections.
Perfect for stocking you letterpress drawers, terrariums, or other tiny worlds.
Check out her etsy shop and start your little village today.

I love her bio so I am posting the entire thing.

my name is christina.

i am 27 years old.
im married to stephen.
we have two cats and a dog.
in our little house.
where i attempt to be an artist.

I was born and raised in the once small, historic city of Fredericksburg, Va. I live with my husband, Stephen, in the house my mother grew up in... on a dead end street lined with houses built in the early 40's. I spend most of my time thinking of being outside, art, and working on my house and garden... Nature is, and has always been my true love...and so it influences much that i do.
I have just recently taken the leap, and quit my job at the local plant nursery where I've worked the last 5 years. I am unbelievably happy to finally be working from home and making things with my hands all day long!
One day id like for us to be living on and working our own farm...with two kids, a barn, a shady garden, and no one to boss us around, free to enjoy life... If only it didn't seem so hard to get there.

All in all I'm a dreamer, i think that sums it up...