Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Pre-Fall Arrivals + SALE 50%-75% off

As new stuff comes pouring in our doors everyday we are forced to mark summer merchandise down even more. As the official SALE is winding to an end (today is the last day for some of the Yumi Kim and Greylin dresses to be marked down) we are putting TONS of stuff on bigger sale at 50%-75% off.

New Designer on the streets, Salvage LA has just delivered their handmade, ethically sourced feather and leather products. We are in LOVE and made several personal purchases so come scope it out. All one of a kind.
Also these awesome bolero tops look like Missoni and they are AWESOME.
LAMade and DV by Dolce Vita are killing it with their light weight hooded sweaters, drapey sheer blouses, and cheetah print wrap skirts and sweaters.
Cheetah is (in case you didn't know) a fashion classic and is a great fun pattern to mix with other patterns. Always and forever.
New Canvas and Leather backpacks from Street Level just arrived in time for your fall treks upstate. Everybody build a fire and hike in the woods this fall, and bring one of these sacks for me.
Blossom Backpack (mustard/olive): $66
Canvas & Leather Backpack: $99

Really radical crystal jewelry to help you ward off evil energy.
Keeping things positive over here.

Blue Crystal Necklace: $42
Crystal Ring: $50
All these things are unique. They grow in nature like that.