Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Remember Paper in BK Store!

Remember Paper is a bad ass magazine and website that is here to "re-ignite an interest and desire for the fleeting industry of print." And they're nailing it! Tons of amazingly beautiful photo spreads featuring a variety of artists, musicians, photographers and other creative types.

Not only is there quality content (I'm a fan of the RP3 Wu Lyf article by Chris Thomas and makeup spread by Kat & Duck) but the magazine itself is beautifully made. The paper is thick and smells rich; it totally brings me back to being a kid in the 'burbs, bored and locked away in my room with my stash of 15+ magazines that I absolutely LIVED for every month. There's something to be said for the smell of a fresh-off-the-printers magazine, no?

Anyways, our friends bust their asses off to make this magazine a reality and available to us, the public, for FREE! Yeah that's right, it's totally free! So do yourself a favor and come by the Greenpoint store to get your very own copy of RP3 - Chris just dropped some by and I doubt they'll hang around long.

It'll make your day, promise!