Monday, September 19, 2011

We Heart Fall, Big Time.

So we blinked one night last week and summer had folded into a crispy fall filled evening.
And the days aren't so shabby either. Warm enough to rock cropped blouses and tote a sweater and jacket along for the thrill.

Fall, is by far our favorite season and the shop is really loving that it can nestle comfortably in its natural habitat once again.

We are super swamped the rest of the week with a plethora of tradeshows (busy buying Spring 2012--bah!) and fall inventory just keeps flooding in.
It's exciting to have so many new brands that really feel classic.
Check out this new stuff we just got in, and get in before it is gone because we only get 3-6 pieces of each item, so that means either one or two in each size.

We like to keep it special round these parts.

Above: Vintage Wrangler Jean Jacket with striped lining
Vintage Olive Military Sweater
Astali Bullet Necklace

Above: Greylin Olive Silk Blouse
Many Belles Down Pencil Skirt
Bagatel Italian Leather Cheetah Pouch
Remix Leather 40's Wedge
Lisa B Polka Dot Socks
Pyrite Locket