Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Demolition: LES: 250 Broome St.

We've Rolled Up Our Sleeves Yet Again...

So as most of you have already heard, Old Hollywood has officially announced its opening on the LES. We have taken over the space of what used to be Miss Lonelyhearts over there on Broome and Orchard and the mayhem began as soon as we got our fingers around those door keys.

First order of business, opening this beautiful shop up.
Lettin' it live a little. So we have removed the wall to the left in the above photo and cut the center wall by about 2/3. Kate & Alex also destroyed the shelving unit that you see in the top picture on the right.

And those awful veneered banquets to the left, outta there. Meh.

Whole new thing going down over there.

Kate donned safety goggles and shattered that mirror to get it off the plywood they had liquid nailed the damn thing too. Glass was flying everywhere. She also walked under that ladder today. Things are not looking too good for dear ole Kate.

Darcy spent her time well tackling the horrible paint job that WAS the front of our new shop.
I'm telling you. It takes a real woman to do the kind of work we do over here.

Stay up for more before and after photos.