Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outfitted for Fall SALE

You know how sometimes you just need to buy the entire outfit?
Well we do.
I can't manage around this time of year.
It's not just the sock problem I have, it runs much deeper than that.
I love it all.

Because we know how it is (AND WE LOVE THE SHIT OUTTA YOU), we wanted to have an outfit sale this week and weekend to ease the pain of the whole outfit purchase.

From now through Sunday we are giving y'all:
10% off purchases of $100 or more.
20% off purchases of $200 or more.
30% off purchases of $300 or more.

I know it sounds like a lot, but the amount you can save is huge.
See some of our new pairings below, and get in before we sell everything, cause as you know, it's limited.

Outfit Costs: $229
SALE: $183
Tweed Dress: $80
Dolce Vita Suede Boots: $104
Velvet Pillbox hat: $45

Outfit Costs: $258
SALE: $206
Cowl Neck Printed Dress with Belt: $64
Fringe Booties: $94
Bow Hair Clip: $10
Caves Crystal Cube Necklace: $90

Outfit costs: $246
SALE: $197
Dolce Vita Dot Wool Dress with Bow Belt: $134
Ozone sheer socks: $34
Book Locket: $78

Outfit Costs: $256
SALE: $205
Dolce Vita Lace Skort Romper with belt: $144
Ozone sheer socks: $34
Locket: $78

Outfit Costs: $230
SALE: $184
Silky Shorts: $30
LA Made Thermal: $62
Dex Knit Sweater: $80
Purse Necklace: $58

Outfit Costs: $321
SALE: $225
219 Venice Striped Thermal: $64
MBD Tulip Skirt: $50
Ozone Camper Socks: $38
Dolce Vita Mickey Shoes: $89
Felt Floppy Hat: $80