Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For the Holidays: Maileg

 I can't believe I am about to talk about Christmas.  But then again, I can't believe it is already November 15, and time to talk about Christmas.
This year we are really bringing our A game in the holiday and gift department.  Not just with jewelry which is why most of you pop in over the holidays, but this year we are also bringing the stuff you want to decorate your home with and give the kiddos.
That's why we picked companies like Maileg, the Danish lifestyle design company that makes a lot  of things for tots, with holiday collections for us big kids.
They have very simple and classic prints that seem sort of peasant like.  Very Danish.  And we like that.

 My favorite thing from this year's holiday collection is Maileg's take on the advent calendar ($109).
Each day is special.  Fun printed drawstring pouches, fabric letters to Santa, Stockings, and more adorn this jingle bell finished rope.  Hang anywhere and fill with all kinds of goodies from home or the shop.  A really fun thing for couples, roommates, or families to add to the fun of Christmas.

 Maileg also has the most adorable Christmas animals, like this super soft pig with red candy striped ear  ($35) a big bow or this reindeer ($48) in a plaid scarf.

 Last year I searched aimlessly for good Christmas stockings.  All I found were really cheesy glittery ones, ones made of bad felt, or ones with really awful rickrack.  I was looking for a super long awesome stocking like you see in old movies.  Yeah, exactly like the one Maileg makes.
So if you are looking for a stocking that isn't super generic---walk this way.