Monday, November 7, 2011

Tirana Jewelry by Graciela Fuentes

Not only is Graciela like the sweetest person in the world, but she's also terrifically talented.
Every piece of her jewelry reflects a dark and romantic sculptural aesthetic. Consisting of high quality recycled materials and found objects, her collection functions as a whimsical interpretation of the machine with genteel detail sophistication.

Graciela chose the moniker “Tirana” in honor of her Brooklyn DJ days. It stems from her DJ name, “Tirana Del Amor” or tyrant of love. The name embodies the daringly sexy confidence of a woman who makes her own decisions. Graciela is a trained sculptor and visual artist that focuses on the sense of touch in her overall design. As a cross-cultural artist originally from Mexico, she is influenced by worldly designs to create jewelry that blurs the distinctions between fashion, art and design.

She recently branched out and created some cufflinks (above) to go along with the collection as well, hearing the call from all the men who love the masculinity of her designs.