Monday, December 12, 2011

Naked and Famous is the Best

It really is, y'all. The Canadian brand sources all of their fabrics from one of the most high quality selvedge factories in Japan and makes all of their clothing stateside. If you can call Canada stateside, that is. Just for you newbies, "selvedge" and "salvage" are two completely different things. Selvedge actually refers to the weave of denim, which ultimately makes for a more sturdy and long-lasting jean whereas salvage is something you could have just found in a ditch by the road. So there's your random piece of trivia for the day. We have the selvedge duck canvas pants in and a blue oxford that is guaranteed to make your man a spitting image of Paul Newman. Duck canvas was used to make jeans in the olden times, and many people argue that it's much more durable than denim. Okay, I'm going to stop before I start handing out multiple choice exams. But in all seriousness, these clothes are totally worth the hype.

Blue Oxford

Selvedge Duck Pants