Monday, January 9, 2012

Oh Hey, Did You See Us In Your Taxi This Weekend?

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Well look at that!

We're super excited that NBC New York is featuring us on their website this week as a go-to shop for locally made jewelry! They filmed at our new LES home on Broome St. and feature NYC designer Jene DeSpain's Dakota Earrings (with green onyx). The host of the show Laurel totally fell in love with those earrings. And how appropriate she featured these earrings of all the earrings we have, as they are based on Manhattan's own historic Dakota building. And not only that, buuuut...

....drumroll, please....

...THEY'RE SHOWING THIS VIDEO IN EVERY SINGLE YELLOW TAXI CAB IN NEW YORK CITY ALL WEEK LONG!! Sorry for the all caps (not really) but holy smokes, it's pretty exciting to think anyone and everyone riding in cabs this week will be seeing our lil ole shop!

Old Hollywoods famous, ya heard!