Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from Pizza Hut!

First Whitecastle takes Valentine's Day reservations and now this hilarity?!? Where does it end? How did it begin? WHEN WILL THEY MAKE A McRIB IN A HEART SHAPE?
I have an endless amount of questions because of the latest (and most romantic) move by Pizza Hut in their never-ending campaign to crush dreams and kill marriage proposals. Pizza Hut is now offering an amazing (and affordable!) engagement party package that includes a ruby ring, fireworks, a stretch limo to your Pizza Hut location of choice, and of course, a box of greatest hits pizza delicacies. Don't believe me? Take a look here.
At $10,010.00 before tax for the whole package, this might be the most expensive and hilarious practical joke in the world. All I know is that my response to a fast food proposal will always be "a thousand times yes!" Someone get working on that McRib.

Breaking News: Old Hollywood affiliates are getting married left and right in fast food joints. This is a high school buddy taking the plunge over some crinkle fries (their scientific name). Yeah I got married surrounded by tiny, delicious burgers. You jealous?