Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Insects and Flowers

This morning I went down to the basement to grab some bags and I stumbled across this guy! What a majestic creature.

Roost Feather Orb Ornament $30 (left)

I've always been fascinated by insects, especially beetles, butterflies and dragonflies. When I was a toddler my father told me never to kill spiders we found in the house because they were good luck. My mother extended this to pretty much all insects by the time I was six, probably because she felt intense guilt if she squashed anything. She also frequently dressed me up as a bee on Halloween and sang the "Maya the Bee" theme song to me.
This spring I think all my accessories are going to be insect and flower themed, in honor of my strange and lovely parents. There's nothing I like more than some water beetles and cherry blossoms. Kaoru's new collection comes to mind, as does Old Hollywood's badass bugsly ring.

Old Hollywood Brass Bugsly Cocktail Ring $198
Kaoru Flower Dangles $124
Two's Company Poison Jar $14