Thursday, February 23, 2012

Market Week - Pt. 2

Alright so onto Day 2 of the Fall/Winter shows! Tiff and I sped shopped/bought through the entire Javits Center in 7 hours. At this point, we've got these shows down to a science. I'm not exaggerating when I say we covered at least 4 football fields worth of vendors in 1 day on only 1 cup of coffee each! Yay team OH.

Ok, so onto the good stuff. We restocked some old favorites - remember this horse print from spring. Yeah, it's back, this time in a dress AND blouse! You spoke, we listened, you're welcome.

This coat from Rails is a personal favorite of mine from Day 2. If only they made varsity jackets this cool when you were still in high school. Wait, you've been out of high school almost 10 years now. Who cares, lets pretend it's still 2002, minus the braces!

And that coat with these cut offs by the most bad ass new line we picked up called One about owning it.

Then we picked up these awesome Brown Leather/Navy Canvas oxfords. If you've ever met Tiff, you know she's already lusting over these bad boys, hard.

And I after these. While the Tiff Oxford won't arrive until Fall, these happy feet sandals are coming this spring. Which by the way, is less than 1 month away. Though you could have fooled me with the weather yesterday!

Cheetah can do do wrong in our eyes. I mean, have you met us?!

This red silk shirt doesn't actually have a collar, but it does have a black lace collar detailed into it instead. Why yes, don't mind if we do.

Did you hear that I said Spring is only a month away? These high waisted yellow polka dot shorts (look closely, it's true) are coming just in time. Seriously, I can't say no to cheetah and polka dots. Or stripes for that matter, but I'm not even going there.