Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Designer: Here In The Shadows!

Vernal Falls + Ahwahnee Village

Everyone, say hello to one of our newest lines, Here in the Shadows. Designed by BK based designer Lily Hetzler, her pieces all have a strong, sculptural aesthetic to them. The big designs and geometric shapes of her necklaces are balanced by her use of semi precious stones like Jasper and whatever else she can get her hands on!

These bad boys are all hand made and one of a kind, so come in while they are still in stock.

I love bold, statement jewelry like this because you can throw on the most basic of outfits - white tee and jeans - add this necklace and it immediately takes the outfit to the next level! You will absolutely see me strutting the streets of BK this summer in a Shadows necklace.