Friday, February 3, 2012

NYC Skyline

Compared to cities across the world, New York is still a baby. The biggest baby in the world, but still a baby! These photos that Gothamist put up show how the skyline has changed over the past 130 someodd years and it's inspiring how far and big it has come in such a relatively short time.

On a side note, my great grandmother Mamie was born and raised on the Upper East Side. Visiting her as kids was such a trip - she was on 88th and Park, so it meant we'd play in Central Park and go to the Guggenheim. The best part though was when Mamie, who was very well traveled, would let us go through her change trays and we'd try to guess what country all her many coins were from. And if we were lucky, we got to take some back home with us - it's funny the things that amuse you so much as a kid!

She passed away years ago, but I always think how fun it would be if she were still alive and we could wander the city together, her telling me stories of a New York long since past!

But enough family talk, enjoy this footage from the East River in 1903...