Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring is on the Horizon.

Man, Did winter even happen yet?
Not that I am EVEN thinking about complaining, but I am telling you, spending January in the Caribbean is where it's at.  Just got back from visiting my good friend from Belize and the Spring stuff is pouring in.
I mean, I had to stash some white lace rompers in the bathroom because that is just TOO ridiculous.
But check out this awesome new stuff we just got.
Naked & Famous Duck Shirt (technically for men but the XS & S fit the ladies)
Aryn K color blocked Pleated Skirt
Aryn K Tribal Printed Maxi Dress.
And all the awesome jewelry and accessories to spruce it all up.
We get limited amounts of everything so if you love something, get it now---even if it isn't QUITE Spring yet.