Friday, February 3, 2012

Tiny Little Sweet Nothings.

Just wanted to remind y'all in case you forgot that we also have a ton of little gift ideas all $14 or less.
These are things that make nice additions to your gift wrap, bottles of brew, or can have cute connotations if you want them to.  
Spark the flame with some fancy matches.
Get 'em going with some turn of the century saloon styled tokens.
Or just get yourself out of trouble with the Truce card.

 Cast Iron Hand in Heart Bottle Opener: $14
This is a best seller all year round, but what a nice little present with a bottle of Chimay?

 Set Editions Truce Card: $4.50
For those of you in the doghouse this Valentine's Day.

 Stone Hearts: $4-$10
Great paperweight or just a nice table adornment.

 Day of the Dead Valentine's: $14
This hilarious kinky haired duo will be a great replacement if you don't want to do a traditional card this year.

Lucca Paperworks Anatomical Heart Card: $6.50
 This card is nice and big and VERY frameable.
 Te Amo Ornaments:  $5-$8
Handmade and fairly traded in Peru, these will enhance your gift wrapping skills.

 The Heart Matches:  $3.50

Double sided awesome box.
Extra long red tipped wooden matches.
Come on baby, light my fire.

Saloon Tokens: $3.50

These guys are exact replicas of some tokens you would get at a Saloon where you could also get yourself a little action.  You would pay your one time princess with these.
A humorous gift for a lover, or just stash in your pocket and try your luck at the bar.