Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coming Soon! CrossWood Peter Pan Collars

"When I was little, I learned the art of paper-cutting and Japanese painting from my grandma. As I grew older and moved into my teenage years Scotland became one of the places that fascinated me a lot.

I have travelled a long way from North China, to Shanghai to Hong Kong and am finally settling in Edinburgh. I have collected all the scenes, memories and feelings from the road into my heart. Being inspired by them, I have started to draw and make little things for myself and for my loved ones.

Now I want to make for more people, so I have organized a few of my friends from Scotland, Beijing and Jingdezhen (The Porcelain Capital of China) who have backgrounds in Mechanical Design, Chinese Painting, Modelling, Textile Design and Fashion Design into a design and craft team. Working together under the name CrossWood we design fashion accessories inspired by nature and the different cultures in Far East Asia and Scotland. We honestly make every little thing directly from our hands and hearts.

I adore and follow my grandma’s authentic Chinese style where a staple of her wardrobe was the Qi Pao which typifies restricted sexiness but which has faded in such a busy and fussy modern world.

Grandma said that ‘my best dishes are always made with my whole heart even when they’re not everybody’s favorite.’ I say: Grandma, I make these little things with my whole heart…"