Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Designer: Cold Picnic

 Another Brooklyn designer graces the cases of Old Hollywood!
We found this line at Capsule, and absolutely fell in love with the cool macrame pieces and awesome textured rings and bangles.
I think what initially drew me to them was the macrame, I used to make jewelry very similar to this in high school.  I love how everything comes back around!
Hippie 80's children unite!

Partners Phoebe Sung and Peter Buer formed Cold Picnic in 2010 after a summer spent digging through library book sales for anything to do with 1970s arts & crafts, ancient cave paintings, African textiles, and Native American history.
Once they had filled their heads with prints, lore, crafts, and costumes, they began to create designs of their own. Phoebe and Peter make each piece by hand, seeking out objects from the past for inspiration as well as building materials.
Cold Picnic is their attempt to carry on the tradition of storytelling through symbols.

You can find all these pieces and then some at either of our locations!