Monday, March 5, 2012

Staff Picks: Darcy's Spring Wishlist

Hello and a happy Monday to all of you out there on your digital devices reading this post. Wanted to give you guys a look into my personal Old Hollywood wishlist for this Spring (if it ever comes!) so far.

Filigree Knife Necklace by Digby & Iona 
Attention to detail + solidly handcrafted locally, this piece has always been a favorite of mine. Delicate but with a slight edge is how I like my jewelry. 

Willie Potatoes Knuckle Ring by Old Hollywood
If you've seen me in the shop, chances are I'm wearing this bad boy. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with it. Really I'm a minimalist who likes small dainty stuff with an edge, never thought that something this big would complement my style + be comfortable on the daily. Thanks Tiff! 

Ammo Bags by Will Leather Goods
Quality and craft is a really huge selling point for me. Will Leather Goods are in my opinion some of the most well crafted and carefully constructed carry all's I've ever come across. Like snowflakes each is beautiful and one of a kind, even though the swatch of pattern may be cut from same blanket.

  Palmer Dress by Greylin
As the cold winter months wear off and spring begins to peek it's head around the corner, I begin to get bolder. Leaving my jeans at home and opting for a light dress. As it happens my anniversary is on St. Patty's day so it's always a challenge finding that perfect green outfit. This year the Palmer dress is going to sham-rock! (come on, that one was good. sham-rock! lol) 

Roll - Up Blanket by Pendelton 
No more soggy behinds or grass stains with this baby! Pendelton does it again giving you a versatile blanket that cozy and warm but can stand up to damp patches leaving your behind nice and dry. Bonus feature: it rolls up and has a carrying handle! Throw it in the back of your ride or carry with you, big enough to accommodate you and three friends. Oh, and that cooler you brought along.