Thursday, April 5, 2012


This was my move-in day outfit this weekend. I understand that it's a lot with the leopard, the 90's Liz Claiborne plaid AND the American Flag t-shirt, but I choose to believe its the best outfit I have ever put together.

I've been threatening to move to Canada a lot recently, but I don't really mean it. With summer just around the corner I've realized that this is THE TIME to be a Patriot. What other time of the year are you allowed to wear shirts with your flag printed across the entire surface?

Actually, that's acceptable a lot. Dinnertime...literally anytime.

My point is still valid, though. Never does an American Flag look better as a dress than at a July 4th BBQ. Budweiser did it with their cans, so I'm allowed to do it with my wardrobe.
Here's the thing, guys, it's not just me. There are millions (millions!) of people out there just dying to wear their flags as an accent piece to their high-wasted mom jeans. And you know what? I salute them. Because I am a Patriot.
Let me give you a little taste.

Oh Hay Bey. Oh Hey Lady Gaga. SIDENOTE: Why has no one ever brought up Beyonce's bangs in this video?

Solange has some sick gams. (I honestly have no idea what a gam is.)

The perfect sweater. LDR

In conclusion, there's nothing wrong with repping your country, your tribe, your ethnicity. Rep whatever moves you. I think that the original patriot, and my personal role model G. Dubs would agree with me.

Oh and one more thing. Bill Callahan just wanted to serenade you real quick, that all right with you?