Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bird Walking in LES

For most folks walking your dog in the city is enough. On Sunday mornings here in LES I'm given a special treat, bird walkers. I've always been an avid bird watcher and naturally with watching comes listening to the birds various calls. In Sarah D. Roosevelt park on the eastern tip of the block a few locals have been keeping the ancient Chinese tradition of bird walking alive. It's all for the well being of the songbirds, being cooped up indoors with no one to speak to would make anyone depressed, even our feathered companions. Believing that they loose the will to sing, their owners seek to brighten the bird's day and enhance it's warbling through opening up dialog with other birds. If you happen to be passing by on a warm Sunday morning grab a cup of tea with your breakfast, sit on a nearby bench and admire their wonderful song. Promise it won't disappoint.