Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fix: Lesley Gore "You Don't Own Me"

Dude, Lesley Gore was a pretty sassy lady when you think about the fact that this song came out in 1964! Preach on Ms. Gore, preach on!

Seriously though, I had this Lesley Gore cassette tape and I would listen to it incessantly in the 4th grade. To this day I am a HUGE fan of Lesley Gore. My mom and I used to dance around the kitchen to her tape and have the best time ever dramatically signing into our wooden stirring spoons.

Actually, we danced around my house to everything growing up. Prince's Little Red Corvette and The Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian were probably our dance staples. I'm talking my brothers and I following my mom around the entire first floor in a congo style line doing that Walk Like An Egyptian dance and then driving imaginary cars and wiggling through the dining room to Prince. Those were the good old days!