Friday, April 20, 2012

Mama Picks

Mama Tanaka!

Mama Tanaka visited this past week and it was the most glorious time anyone has ever had in the history of the world. I decided to document it via instagram, because that's all I know.
Having a loved one in town to entertain always helps me branch out and try some new things (not to mention more food than is EVER necessary.) The following are all the hits from my week with the lovely Mama Tanaka. I strongly recommend taking your friend and families to these places when they visit--they're totally worth it.

Holy smokes. These donuts are vegan and so delicious my brain melted when I ate them. Conveniently located right by the Montrose stop for a nibble on the way to the train. They have decadent coffee, play old-timey music and serve you your donuts on a tree trunk slice! Nom nom.

That blueberry donut might be the best thing I've ever eaten.

This bar has a ceiling covered in maps. It is literally my dream decor. The house punch comes in adorable little glasses. My mother was a fan of "The Close Haul," which is a combination of gin, cucumber and a refreshing shot of citrus. There is also one with chocolate mole involved--what?

I couldn't instagram here because Samurai Mama lights with candles and my phone decided we were in that Vin Diesel movie where the sun doesn't exist. The udon noodles are insane and the broth is amazing. My mother, as an honorary Japanese woman, loves her some udon noodles. She raved about this restaurant for days. What a hit.

Awesome Japanese bonsai tree (so tiny! so old!)

This was obviously my favorite destination. There was a koi pond, a hot house with different climates, cherry trees creating beautiful, snowy walkways, and an intense selection of tiny terrariums inside the gift shop. Sunny and pretty and wonderful.

Cherry blossom walkway at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

5. Williamsburg Bridge (see what I did here?)
Tender moments with a backdrop of graffiti. What more could you ask for? At any moment a J train could barrel by and the city skyline could start looking even more gorgeous. The possibilities are endless.