Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Hollywood Pal Contest

We think that it’s time to share your beauty with the world, so we’re having a little contest for you all!

We love our customers over here at Old Hollywood, and we just want you to know we think you look great. Whether it’s rocking our jewelry or clothing, you are killing it on the daily with your style and grace. It’s easy to enter—you just style yourself wearing your favorite Old Hollywood purchases and send us a pic and a little bit about yourself. We will pick a lucky guy or gal to be our Pal and shower with gifts!

Official Business

Send entries to:

The contest will run from April 11th – May 11th. During that time, feel free to bombard us with photos of you looking your prettiest, sporting our duds. As Thomas Jefferson always said – “Pics or it didn’t happen.” We just want to get to know you a little bit first, so please include in your submission:


Nickname (Don't have one? No problem! I will make you a PERSONALIZED one!)



Which store you frequent the most

A fun fact about yourself! (This is crucial, otherwise I have to make up things like "has hobbit feet." See what I'm saying?)

Don’t want to take a photo yourself? No problem my little fern. Swing by the shop anytime and we’ll snap one for you and take your info down ourselves (we just want to see your glowing faces, after all). Check out the format here, using the lovely Dory Greenberg as an example. Find our store locations here.


“But what do I get??!?” The winner receives a $200 Gift Certificate and a grab bag of goodies! We will show you off via Instagram (old_hollywood), Twitter, and Facebook, so submit your friends and family, acquaintances, cat! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!