Friday, April 27, 2012

Pendleton: Yakima Camping Blankets

[Raffi & I with the World's Smallest Tent]

 Ah, alas.  The camping weather is upon us once again. 
That means my eagle scout and I will not be around for much longer.
We love to be outside, in the woods, drinking beers and being one with the forest.
That's why I got us my favorite Yakima Camping Blankets from Pendleton.  Cause lets face it, the motor robe is good for the bus and the nylon backed blanket is great for the park (and camp) but you can't cuddle up in either of these.  The motor robe is too small and the park blanket has nylon on the other side.  SO you see my rationale in needing another blanket?
For my tent?