Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Summer Jams and Jelly

San Francisco by Ally Opstedal

Normally the beautiful and talented Nick Spain posts on this blog day, but that changeling is currently working out his PR muscles and I have TAKEN OVER! I know what you're thinking--"What an overwhelming day of excitement. I cannot wait to see where this post goes because it can only be new and wondrous places!" 
Actually I can't pretend to have as much music knowledge as NAS (those are Nick's initials, but see what I did there?) but I can totally pilfer from friends. After all, what else was Spotify invented for?
Here is a mix a friend of mine made recently. It's pretty great and kind of perfect for these strange cold/foggy/sunny days we've been having. Stepping outside is like being back in San Francisco, but with less hills and knock-off Mexican food. You hear that Brooklyn? Buuuurrrrrrn. 
Anyway, enjoy. Feel some mellow feelings, eat some tacos in a park. Happy Wednesday!

Wall of Sound
(spotify playlist)