Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Summer Jamz Pt. 2

Here at Old Hollywood we have a certain ambivalence about the nineties. High waisted, sorta skinny jeans are super flattering, but acid wash is not. Marky Mark was awesome. Vanilla Ice not so much. So it's great when you find a piece of music that falls between the two poles of your aesthetic and stylistic sensibilities. Yuck has been churning out garage-y, 90's-feeling, grungy songs for awhile now, but their new single Chew isn't so 90's that it makes us think about our high school yearbooks pictures and cringe with embarrassment. It's also not so modernized that it becomes about as authentic as Adam Levine's claim that Maroon 5 is a funk rock band. I could write an entire thesis disproving that assertion.

The track is just right, and has a sound that reminds me of wandering the streets of NYC on a balmy summer night, your mind hazy from a few whiskey gingers. Plus, there's even a streak of romance. The main singer whines the words "we chew it together," seemingly referring to biting off more than you can chew (as many of us do in this city) but having someone there to help you out and chow down on this thing called life. That's just my take. Either way, I don't think middle ground has sounded this good in a while.