Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Jamz

So it's a little cold today, which makes it feel like summer could be miles away. But check your calendars people! It's already April 11th and that means that 80 degree weather is just around the corner.
It's typically around this time of year that I begin to assemble my summer playlist, and yesterday I definitely found the first track for it. I know there's all this talk about Claire Boucher (bka Grimes) lately, and I don't mean to hate because she's good and all, but as far as electro-pop goes, Mr. Little Jeans kind of blows her out of the water with this track. I mean, you can only listen to little chipmunk voices laid over a soaring melody for so long until you just want something that's fucking catchy, simple and formulaic. And that's where Mr. Little Jeans delivers. Even the video surpasses Grimes Vanessa by leaps and bounds.
Her synth-inspired city, laser-laden visuals, and aqua-washed countryside are very LA. Typically that would evoke the "gross" response from me, but it's West Coast in all the right ways. God, that's a sentence I never thought I would write. Anyways, also noteworthy is the white dress at the end of the video.
It's so Old Hollywood, in my opinion. But that's a decision you can make for yourself.