Friday, April 27, 2012

Tanks & T-shirts for the MALES

Ha. Ha.  I just wanted to write MALES.
No but in all seriousness check out all the radical dubs we got in for you fellas.  And while you're at it, peep my website GAME.  Loving on the fellas today, and everyday...

 These tanks are technically uni-sex so we ladies can rock them super loose, or cut them up with big arm holes if that works for you.  [it works for me] 
Loving the anthrax shirt like no other.  Totally 80's skater punk. 
I honestly don't listen to ANTHRAX, but I just might bust out the catalog just so I can own this totally bitchin' shirt.
Either way, I have stocked it in the store for all of you who love all things ROCK HARD.  oh yeah.  

I'm still in 6th grade.

PS I am totally watching Evil Dead right now. 
On my boyfriend's crazy new projector.  It is like 70" or something.  Actually maybe 92".