Friday, April 6, 2012

This Just In: West Third Brand Tonics

We just got a brand new shipment of some of our best selling tonics, AND AND AND some incredible new* scents from West Third Brand.

 Gardenia di Vita
An intoxicating blend of fresh gardenias layered with freesia and hints of orange blossom & cucumber notes.

Tobacco 1812
Sweet dried tobacco leaf, aromatic spices & rich honey muddled with cocoa, Tonka Bean, tobacco flower and a layer of dried fruit and exotic wood.

Old Bourbon *
A rich blend of sandalwood, cedar & vetiver layered with amyris, patchouli, coumarin, citrus peel, benzoin with a hint of Vanilla.

Vintage Leather *
An intricate balance of moss, tobacco, cedar & leather layered with patchouli, musk & night blooming jasmine.