Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blouse and Bear In Heaven

Bear In Heaven

Oh hai! I hunted and gathered some sweet concert pics for your eyes only. Doldrums, Blouse, and Bear in Heaven played a show with a bunch of epic lights and some fog. It kind of looked like an old Cinderella concert video, and I kind of dig that. Doldrums was young and had awesome graphics projecting all over the stage, Blouse was adorable, Bear In Heaven had THE HAPPIEST LEAD SINGER IN ALL OF THE LOWER EAST SIDE. 
In other news--the crankiest girl I have ever seen yelled at an adorable elderly Asian gentleman who was having "too much fun."Well you know what sir, I applaud you. You are well into your fifties and out on a weeknight and for that, I think you deserve to dance on whomever you choose. Mean girl--your hair was not looking your best last night. ZING! Score one for the underdogs. 
Happy Wednesday, awesome dancing Asian man!!!



 Bear In Heaven (See what I mean with the lights and the fog? It might be more Daft Punk than Cinderella, but whatever.)