Friday, May 11, 2012

Fire, Metal, & Nature : Ayaka Nishi

Ayaka Nishi is one of those rare individuals in life that grew up appreciating the gifts nature has to offer a young growing mind, body and soul. Ayaka called the Japanese archipelago of Kagoshima home for most of her childhood until moving onward to the big city of Toyko where she studied at the Japanese Jewelry Craft Institute.  Pictured below are three of my favorite pieces from Ayaka, 18K vermeil coral necklace with freshwater pearls and large quartz hanging charms, sterling silver and leather fish scale cuff, and the miraculous 18k vermeil cell mask. 

Japan is home to over 4,500 native flora and over 5,000 native fauna. Ayaka's particular region is famous for an tradition which has remained unbroken for the last five hundred or so years known as Kumo Gassen or Spider Fighting. These massive Argiope spiders are carefully raised naturally by their owners from birth, often living freely among their owners building beautiful cobweb structures inside their homes. This event is the inspiration for her stunning spider web collection, below are her spider web cuff with attached spider ring and sterling silver knuckle ring. 

Ayaka's talents don't just stop with jewelry though, she also has a passion for film and video work.  What better way to showcase your work then with short fashion films. They are dark, flirtatious, at times dangerous feeling but always mysterious leaving the viewer to create the next chapter of the story. 
Check out this one below entitled "Rendezvous"