Thursday, May 17, 2012

Future Dictates Fashion

On Monday Kate posted about NYC babes in the 1940's, at the end of her post she had mused what trends and styles would hold up sixty years from now. While none of us can really predict the future of fashion many have tried including author and illustrator Cromwell Q Snyder. Writing for The Strand Magazine in 1893 here's just some of the styles and fashions Snyder predicted the twentieth century would look like. I have to say we would have had some very interesting hats.

If you dig the illustrations there's also a ton of commentary like this about popular colors  "The seventeenth is famous as the brown; the eighteenth is with us the yellow; and the nineteenth we term the black century. I am asked my opinion of the twentieth. It is motley. It has seen the apotheosis of colour. Yet in worshipping colour we do not confound the order of things. As is the twentieth, so was the fifteenth."

Here's a  link for more commentary + illustrations. Enjoy!