Thursday, May 3, 2012

Garden Party Photos

Last weekend (Saturday April 28th) was the first Garden Party of the year at Old Hollywood (Brooklyn)
And it was such a wonderful success!
The best part was Stine and Liz you tubing how to tap a keg (because let's face it, when was the last time any of us did that?)
We got to meet so many of our wonderful customers.  These types of things really bring the neighborhood together.  Tons of people came who had never been to the shop as well, so hello new friends.
These parties will continue to happen EVERY last Saturday of the month through the summer from 5-8 featuring 2 local designers, live music and is NOW sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery.
So come shop, drink, mingle and listen to these two handsome fellas play music.

Check out our photos form last weekend's Trunkshow with Elizabeth Knight & Stine.

The very handsome Craig Reynold's and Doug Tetreau.

The lovely Stine and Elizabeth Knight (jewelry above) faces below.
If you were there and have photos to share, please send them our way at: