Friday, May 25, 2012

How-To: Terrariums!

I made that! We can all make some together!

Hi Ferns. Terrariums are the new hotness, and we all want some. This we can agree on. Now I know you want a detailed and informative "how-to" but I think a loose play-by-play is more my thing.
Soil chaos. Complete an utter anarchy amongst succulents. 

Step One: Get Your Green On
I went to Sprout in Williamsburg, but you can really go anywhere (Home Depot, Crest Hardware, etc.) and pick out your plants, soils, and other acoutremonts for your terrarium. I always vote succulents because they are resilient (hard to kill, great for gifts!) and have fat leaves, which makes them cuter. Also they're called "succulents."

Step Two: Layering is Key

Basically you need: Rocks, sand, (charcoal if you're making an enclosed terrarium), soil based on the plants you choose, moss, and the actual plants, in that order
Make sure you buy a soil with some yummy fertilizer that is suited to the plants you choose--desert plants need a different soil than an herb garden, you feel me?
As for layering, I went with "what looks best from the side," as opposed to "what is good for my succulent." Will the succulents die later this week? Probably. Does my terrarium look better than everyone else's? Absolutely. 

Here's my drawing:

Layer your rocks in your container, them put down a little sand. Put soil on top about of that 2/5 of the way full, make little holes for your plants and pop those leafy monsters in. Fill in the holes with more soil, then sprinkle a little sand on top and cover the soil with moss! 
There you have it. 
A beautiful, tiny eco-system of love. Put a rubber animal on it and it looks fun and flirty.
Spray once or twice every two days, or so the moss doesn't turn brown. Yay!

Note: I made an enclosed one but my succulents gave up on life like a week in, so I am in no position to give a tutorial.