Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Succulents

So, I was inspired by Maya's awesome tutorial on terrariums and succulents ( lol can't help it! ) to take a look at what some innovative designers around the globe have been doing with this huge resurgence of terrariums. Below is what I was able to find, also some of these are totally DIY projects. When I find the time I'm all over the second one! I'll post some pics ;)

First up is young Icelandic designer Hafsteinn Juliusson who makes these awesome growing pieces of jewelry. His inspiration for this particular project comes from an urge to push metropolitan people who otherwise may not interact with nature on a daily basis to take some time out of their busy days and appreciate nature for a moment. It's having this constant reminder that nature is always around you that he hopes will enhance the notion that nature is the presupposition of life. 

Next up are these tiny succulent cork magnets! Designer Allisa Rose from San Diego has come up with this fantastic idea, personally I'd like to have about 6 of them displayed on a wall with some vintage photographs. Best thing about these is they are so tiny (and magnetic!) you don't have to commit them to one spot in your home. 

For you ladies who have found that special someone, I present succulent boutonniere's! I love the masculine look and feel that these designs able to convey. Plus let's face it our guys aren't exactly the most gentle when it comes to delicate floral matters (if your guy happens to be a florist kudos to you and his wonderfully light handed touch!) pinned to them for a day. There are tons of florists who are willing to create these for you but I bet if your the crafty type this is an easy one, even if you aren't I found this great basic succulent boutonniere tutorial

Last but not least cat sculpture succulent or succulent cat sculpture. Done by the very creative duo that makes up Hollyflora based out of their floral design studio in LA. It was done for a wedding at Mavrvimon where the bride had requested her cat be represented by a whimsical sculpture the duo took it a step further by covering the cat in you guessed it, succulents!