Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Moms. They really are the most amazing people in this world.

Lets count just a few of the ways:
they birth us (really, thanks for that!), teach us to walk, feed us unlimited amounts of Mac n Cheese when we refuse to eat anything else as sassy little 4 yr olds, rub our backs when we're having bad days, chauffeur us to and from one too many soccer practices, introduce us to Meatloaf sing-a-longs and the genius of Bat Out of Hell, let us play 'sick' when we didn't study for our HS geometry tests, listened when got our hearts broken for the first time, bailed us out of a Key West jail when we had too much fun with a fake ID on Spring Break, cheered us on when we graduated from college after a rousing 5 year stint (hey, don't judge!) and helped pack our bags after school for the big move up to NYC even though they wanted us to move home again.

So in conclusion, heres to all the Mama's in this world and to their unconditional loving ways. They deserve something nice for all those years they've put up with you, so we made it easy for you with this little gift guide.

Outdoorsy Mama
Pendleton Beach Towels

Monogrammed Mama
Alphabet Earrings
Embroidered Monogram Lockets by Stella Saves the Day

Classic Mama
Diamond and Silk Bracelets by Gracelette
Delicate Spike Ball Necklace by Kaoru

Royal Mama
Emerald Cut Cocktail Ring by Digby & Iona
Tiny Crown Necklace by Old Hollywood

Bold Mama
Blood/Sweat/Tears Perfume by Atelier de Geste
Anatomical Heart Necklaces by Peggy Skemp
Golden Age Earrings by AK Vintage

Social Mama