Wednesday, June 20, 2012

America's electricity network

Are you ready to have your mind blown? I totally wasn't this morning and then I got this little tidbit in my inbox. These CGI GPS routes have recreated different movements throughout the USA, including pizza delivery routes in Manhattan, our food import footprint and the movement of family-owned combine harvesting businesses. 

 The route of a pizza delivery boy in Manhattan on a Friday night

 The U.S. food imports and exports

 The movement of family-owned combine harvesting businesses

 The U.S. population mapped out (that's a heavy left side you got there)
 Flight data that clearly maps out hubs and daily routes

 The nation's wind resources (this is insanity, visual insanity I tell you)

Unemployment: The number of job losses in the U.S. in a visual representation

 The array of wireless towers throughout the U.S.

 IMPORTANT: Truck movements showing Domino's pizza suppliers. Looks like that Verizon wireless ad, but way more delicious. I'm not saying we should organize a "disruption" in the normal supply schedule so it all gets delivered to my house, but I won't be mad if that happens.

 U.S. city to city electricity network connectivity

New York City's morning rush with bus service (blue) ferry service (orange dots) and the commuter rail services (green purple and red)

All information and photos are taken from the Daily Mail UK article that can be found here. There are also a series of videos at the bottom of the article that explain some of the images. Below is one for the pizza delivery routes (clearly the videos are in order of importance).
Check out the article to learn more.