Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Designer: Boho Gypsy

Annah was born in a small town in southern India into a family of textile merchants. The backwaters were her playground and the horizon was filled with coconut trees that went on for miles. With nothing but a dream in hand, at the age of 16, Annah set off to see the world and to pursue an education. Starting in America, she drifted from Washington, DC to Texas , traveled to Europe,the middle East and back again to India, stopping and savoring many places in between. Everywhere she lived or visited, Annah explored the fashions and techniques of the local artists and artisans she encountered.
Believing herself to be both an urban Gypsy and a 21st century Bohemian as well as an artist, Annah has decided to follow her tribal passion and love of living “la vie Boheme.” In an effort to share that passion she launched “Boho Gypsy,” a remarkable line of accessories that blend cultural influences and simple styles with her own aesthetic to create jewelry and textiles that are both authentic and contemporary. The products she designs are then created by artisans in different countries who share Annah’s love of combining traditional culture with the panache of the present.

I chose this designer for her incredible unique use of actual tribal pieces.
Vintage tribal bracelets repurposed into beautiful necklaces that cascade down your back (above).
Or these lovely little pom pom bracelets ($20).
The bold colors are perfect for summer, and definitely draw on a kindred far away spirit.
Her jewelry never feels too much like India, or one place in particular for that matter---but an idea.
An idea that these pieces are transformed by each individual wearer.  They can be subtle, worn one at a time, or layered for a more tribal feel.  Either way, they scream sunshine!

The happy string with sandalwood beads is another one of my favorites.  I think this guy is really easy to wear and adds a great pop of color to any summer fit.  ($32)

I will be posting the rest of the Boho Line at Old Hollywood to the blog and website later this week, so for more gorgeous beads, etched silver tube necklaces, coral branches, turquoise chunks, gold beads...

...check back in or pop in the shop to score your own Boho Gypsy.