Saturday, June 16, 2012


Bored with antlers? Don't be.

I know, I know. Antlers are not a new thing. Hell, taxidermy is not a new thing (anyone remember that flying cat)? That said, I am fond of a nicely placed pair of antlers on any wall. I recently purchased a pair from Old Hollywood designer Meri over at  Evolving Habitat and I love 'em to death. I might get some more. Antlers for every room!

Naturally shed Evolving Habitat Antlers

I love the new terrarium and antler combo I've been seeing everywhere recently (fine, in one bar in Bushwick but it still counts), especially because a little DIY touch goes a long way in an otherwise drab apartment. Lining shelves with pretty paper, staining a cheap wooden home accessory--these are the little things we can do to make our homes OURS, and our spaces LIVED IN. This is important for everyone, especially because living in New York can be crazed, and we deserve a little beauty. 

Some examples below.

That pretty paper I was talking about. In wine crates!!!

DIY Arrows!

Succulent Wall by Flora Grubb Gardens, SF

Book Shelves! GET IT?!?!

Classic antler wall mount (the guys I got from EH look just like this)

So guys, treat yourself. Get your own pair of antlers, or painted book case or framed portrait of your cat. Whatever you like, really. 
You deserve it.