Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bing Bang by Anna Sheffield

Bing and bang - like most four letter words - are far bigger than the sum of their parts. The design of the eponymous line of jewelry follows the tradition of it's founder, Anna Sheffield, whose background in the blacksmith's shop still holds true today with their use of hammer and anvil in the making of BB products, most of which are made in their NYC studio. 
 Since its inception the Bing Bang brand has adhered to these four aesthetic themes- the Punk Rock ethos, Native American arts and amulets, Victorian keepsakes and the ever-relevant street culture of New York City. 
Bing Bang is nice because it is still designed by one of the best, but the average Joe like myself can afford it.  She kicks it down a notch using more accessible materials like gold plates, brass, and sterling silvers.
We have a nice collection of her rings and earrings that recently arrived at both stores, and soon to be on the web!