Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Broski Bits: Menswear Round-Ups

Okay, so we're not all fashionistos (myself included) but that doesn't mean you have to shy away from Mens runway shows. In case you're embarrassed, I've condensed some of my favorite looks from the slew of S/S 2013 menswear shows that are happening right now into this post. That way you don't have to worry about your coworkers/roommates/whoever judging you when they see you have a slideshow pulled up.

 Alexander McQueen
Okay, let's be real. This is something neither you or I will ever be able to afford. However, a good tailor can get you pretty damn close. I really liked how the break point (just learned that one) on the jacket comes together a little higher up than usual because it gives a very Teddy Boy vibe. Also digging the guy on the right because I love how frumpy it is while still being put together. You remember how I like frump, right?
All right, I know what you're thinking: Topman??? But seriously dudes, I just want to go to the beach in these outfits. The colors are bomb, everything is slouchy and not really giving a fuck, while still being supremely cool. The awesome thing about these guys is that they're easy to duplicate at any of your local thrift stores. I also think it's pretty cool how they paired a really classic blazer with some crazy shorts on the left.
Here we have two cyclers. The one on the left is circa Newsies (but once again, the lapel hits a little higher and gives off that Teddy Boy vibe). The one on the right is a classier version of the late 70's horror flick dude who is probably about to be carved in half by some superhuman psychopath with a tragic past. Also, their socks match their shorts. There's a lesson here fellas, and I'm only going to say it once. IF YOU'RE GOING TO WEAR SOME STATEMENT SOCKS ITS GOTTA RELATE TO WHATS HAPPENING ON THE UPPER HALF OF YOUR BODY.

Christopher Shannon
Pay no mind to the crazy whitehead looking things on the dude on the left's face. We can't blame designers for not making sense. Karl Lagerfeld does it on the daily. What I really liked abou this show was the paneling and the play on materials. If I could show you detail shots, I would, but essentially the colored parts are like woven pieces of South American rugs. Makes me think I might have a few adventures sprucing up my pockets with the Crate & Barrel bathmat my mom gave me for Christmas. It's probably a bad idea, but what the hell, I'll try anything once.